Bring the future of vision care to your practice

Born out of Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, the nation’s leading eye hospital, Heru‘s wearable vision exam platform helps you screen more patients, while simplifying practice workflow and increasing revenue.

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Our visual field testing provides  a comprehensive report, helping to detect and monitor a wide range of visual field defects with precision.

Heru's cover distance and cover near tests allow you to detect subtle deviations accurately and consistently, ensuring precise diagnostic results. 

Our automated testing evaluates the function of the eye muscles, enabling the detection of motility issues and providing detailed insights.

Heru's PERRLA test delivers accurate measurements to assist in supporting diagnosis and effective patient care.


Effortless workflow with lightning-fast testing

Gone are the days of large legacy medical diagnostic equipment. With Heru, you can transform your workflow by utilizing your waiting area or other office space. 


  • - Fast and consistent. Heru is easy to set up, easier to use, and provides detailed printouts.
  • - Uncompromised confidence. Heru is backed by clinical research with excellent correlation to legacy equipment. 
  • - Embrace cutting-edge technology. Heru utilizes AI strategies developed at Bascom Palmer to ensure test accuracy and ease of use. 

See more with EyeStream™

EyeStream™ provides a live feed of your patient's eyes during the exam. Allowing you and your team to monitor eye movements in real-time. Ensure precise precise alignment and eliminate fitment and fixation issues for more accurate results.